CelTube – Live! Any time, anywhere!

CelTubeIt´s the easiest and democratic way to publish your videos and pictures right from your mobile device! You can edit and custom everything remotely. You don´t even need a computer.

It was designed to allow all classes of users to share and broadcast themselves from anywhere without complications or software install. We are in a early beta stage with some users visiting and posting. The key aspect of this project is its long run potential considering that mobile industry is not really paying too much attention for the lower class users that would like to “play” with something cool but in the other hand “cool” phones will still be too expensive, so there will be users with simpler phones willing to be part of it. And that´s the key, besides other ideas we have for the near future where we see it working in a very “open” enviroment with “competitors”. We also own

Why CelTube It Might Be A Killer

We have several inovations such as the ability to make it work worldwide in a 123 easy step. Most users don´t have time to waste and installing softwares on phones still is boring. Lower classes / lower phone quality / models can use it. N95 or Iphone users can. All classes in a single platform. There are around 2,5 bi mobile users in the world and we believe the technology trend is in the mobile industry. Check it out. It´s worth it! www.celltube.com. CelTube