Cedmagic.com – Capacitance Electronic Discs

Cedmagic.comThis web site pertains to Capacitance Electronic Discs, also known as CED. It is a consumer video format on grooved vinyl discs, which was marketed by RCA in the 1980’s.

That means that here you can find everything related to video formats that were used some decades ago, but that are now out of use and have a symbolic interest for a selected group of people. Many people may be incredulous, and ask why anyone would be interested in an obsolete video format that hasn’t been supported in years. Well, people in Cedmagic.com are enthusiastic engineers and collectors that analyse how all this old material worked in past time. They admire how the CED system was envisioned and manufactured entirely in the U.S.A., and it was the last major electronic entertainment format to have this distinction. Others have different reasons to be part of this community: some collectors feel nostalgia for this system, since it was the first home video system that they owned movies for; others are captivated by the caddy design of the disc. Cedmagic.com