– Cat Healthcare Information

CatAge.comCatAge is a site that provides highly detailed and very useful information on cat’s healthcare, feeding, maintenance, good habits and, in general, anything that can help cats be fine. The cool thing about it is that it does it by taking into account the specific cat the advice is supposed to help.

How, you wonder? By taking the RealAge cat test, a slightly lengthy session of questions and form filling where you need to answer stuff on the cat and your health habits and lifestyle. Once you’re done (15 minutes later), the system calculates your cat’s age in human years, and indicates what areas of his/her health you might want to pay more attention to. The service is very helpful, and although some bits of the information it presents you with is that which any pet lover is already familiarized with, it’s always helpful to get a reminder, and to get back to the basics to get some stuffed explained out again, like chocolate being toxic to cats. The test is available for humans and dogs as well.