– Toons For Latin America is the online home of Cartoon Network Latin America, one of the most popular cartoons TV channel throughout the world.

Here you will find all the same cartoons, series, and animate characters you have already seen on the TV. However, the site has a big differential; through you can interact with your favorite toon. In fact, after you have selected your region in the introductory page, you will see a lot of games available at the homepage. Just click on any picture featuring the Play Now link and you’ll have the opportunity to play with famous cartoons, such as Scooby-Doo, the Powerpuff Girls, and Dexter and Dee Dee. Within the site you can take advantage of other features; see what’s on the channel at the moment you enter the site, participate in polls voting your favorite cartoon, and watch some free episodes of cartoon series. You can also become a Cartoon Network’s member by clicking the Register link on the left hand side of your screen.