– Get Pre Approved To Get A Car Loa

CarLoanSearcher.comLike many of the sites that offer consumer or cheap credit products, CarLoanSearcher is not very clear on what it does or who it is that will lend you the money. In any case, it is clear what the company does is to contact prospective clients with institutions that will lend money to people with a bad credit history and even declared bankruptcy.

You have to fill in a short form with basic details on your credit history and income level, and provide contact information: name, address, income, social security number, etc. Unlike similar sites, you don’t need to indicate how much you’d be borrowing, which makes it quite strange really, as one in inclined to think that financial institutions need to know that in order to pre approve people to get a loan. By submitting your information, the small print reads, you allow the financial institutions that might be lending money to you to perform a credit check; after that’s done, you’ll get contacted by the sales reps of the lending institutions, which is very convenient, as you’ll get to learn about the best finance options without having to do any research work.