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Carleton.caInterested in going to Carleton University? Well then, chances are you will be absolutely fascinated with this website. Carleton University resides in Canada, and it’s both elegant and sophisticated website combines the passion of the red color with the exquisiteness of the white color represent the colors of the Canadian flag and the values that Canada has.

The layout is very simple thus contributing with an intuitively comprehensible navigation. The main menu is displayed horizontally on the top of the site and the sub menu is displayed vertically yet adjacent to the main menu. You will find all the contents of the site organized into categories in both these menus including information about Carleton, information on the admissions and academics, learn about the life on campus and about the library and much more. On the homepage you will find the latest news and press releases concerning Carleton as well as the most popular links. Which site can be better to get informed on Carleton than its own official site? Check it out at!