– Dealership Reviews That Matter is the first interactive service providing meaningful ratings of local dealerships and their staff by current customers of those dealerships.

Many people dislike the experience of buying a car, most ofet because they don’t know anyone that they know or trust. Buying a car is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is an important investement, and it should be done with someone that will make you feel at ease and that you can trust to give you a good deal. Working within the automotive industry, tracks staff of dealerships as they move from one location to another to provide seamless and fault-free updating of real and consistent reviews of the people that make great and not-so-great experiences at retail dealerships in your community. CarFolks is about to launch their services with integration to automotive legacy systems, providing verification of sales and service transactions, and empowering consumers to easily find a dealership, and sales or service professionals that have demonstrated their ability to take care of customers.