– Greeting Cards With Lots of Funk!

Cardfunk.comThe holiday season is just around the corner and it’ time for us all to start send Christmas cards. The things is, lots of people are simply getting bored of sending the same old tired cards, that although express the sentiments of the season, don’t really add too much else. is a site that offers a funky web application designed to create free online cards that feature dancing characters like Santa Claus, sexy Santa Girl, and Santa’s Elf. The fun part of it is that you can upload your picture and paste your face on the bodies of the featured Christmas characters and other fun, animated characters so you can send amusing and personalized cards to your friends via email, link, or embedding on profile page.

This free web application allows users to spice up their greeting cards with a funny video of themselves attached to a dancing body or animated character. Your friends and family are sure to get a kick out of these funny cards, and be thankful that you put a little more effort into the task. Sending greeting cards has definitely become more fun with Cardfunk.