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CaptureShot.comThe Internet puts images that are not really free to use into the hands of just anybody. That is quite a situation. Yet, it is not an insoluble one in any way. A search engine like Capture Shot should make everything much easier on everybody.

Capture Shot will enable you to find stock images in a centralized way. Images from multiple sources will be presented to you within one single search results page. And in each and every case, you will be able to read all the copyright information that applies. You will be allowed to pay the necessary fees and then use (or share) the images that you deem as suitable for any project of yours.

Using Capture Shot is as easy as launching a search and then dragging and dropping the selections that you like into the relevant box. These will then become further analyzable on their own, and you will be able to secure their rights in the way that was mentioned above. In Their Own Words

CaptureShot is a startup, founded in 2010. Our goal is to make it very easy to find the image you want.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one will let anybody ensure that the images he has found on the Internet are actually usable for free, or if a price has to be paid.

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