– Canine Epilepsy Information

Canine-epilepsy.comEpilepsy can occur in animals other than humans. It has the same characteristics as the human condition with recurrent unprovoked seizures.

Canine epilepsy is often genetic and also is often an inherited condition. The incidence of epilepsy and seizures is estimated to effect between a half a percent and six percent of the general dog population. If you feel that your pet is displaying symptoms of epilepsy, or you would just like to find out more about the condition, then it would be advised that you take the time to check out the web site The site contains all the research information about canine epilepsy; as well as how owners can help there dogs to best manage the condition. The site is written by passionate people who care about the subject and want to help. The lay out is simple; it’s easy to navigate and get to all the information that you are looking for.