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Do you smoke Camel cigarettes? If you do, then you will find an interesting option to bear in mind. Through the site you can join an online community for tobacco consumers and you can find information about tobacco products, as well.Having innovated on the tobacco market by introducing the package of cigarettes as a commercial product in 1913 (before this smokers rolled their own cigarettes), Camel has managed to create a powerful brand.Their product contained blended tobacco that resulted in milder tasting cigarettes compared to the market of that day. Together with strong marketing campaigns and resources, Camel is known all over the world today. The breakthrough campaign promoted the product in advance before they were released officially. This consisted of a teaser phrase which announced “The Camels are coming” and nothing more.


Years later, in the eighties, Camel created Joe Camel, a cartoon camel which appeared in funny and colourful images showing off his style and smoking the brand’s cigarettes in enjoyable situations. The character appeared in the packages and billboards everywhere, but later generated some controversy because of the attraction it held over children, which was considered a bad influence because it promoted smoking habits. In 1997 the campaign ended, but made Joe Camel a lasting figure in people’s minds.

With so much expertise in generating buzz around their products, it is no wonder that Camel has created a good website for the brand’s followers. By signing up and creating a user account, visitors will have access to read about promotions of the products, special offers, and any kind of news related to such a long lasting brand as Camel has become. If you are a tobacco consumer and you want to find cigarette products online, you can try this website out. In Their Own Words

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company only markets its tobacco products to tobacco consumers who are 21 years of age or older.

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It is always a positive thing that companies provide information and other details about their activities besides selling their products to clients. offers that information which adds to only buying the products.

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Maybe adding some features that don’t require signing up would help to attract visitors’ attention?


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