– Life Science Enterprise Solutions

Cambridgesoft.comCambridgeSoft is a purveyor of discovery, collaboration and knowledge enterprise solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries. As described on its official website, the company provides desktop software, scientific databases and professional services to clients that operate in the aforementioned areas.

The company’s flagship product is known as Chem & Bio Office, and it stands as the standard tool on chemists’ desktops all over the world. Moreover, an enterprise edition is available, and it makes for enhanced Internet, intranet and extranet support. Other featured services and products include educational training tools and system management applications. A list of customers can be visualized by means of visiting the corresponding page, whereas a section that is entitled “Careers” covers employment opportunities which are available within the company at a given time. A search tool named “Career Guide” is featured for suppler navigation. Contact information and recruitment terms are provided therein as well.