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Caloriecountercharts.comYou might want to think twice before digging in to that sandwich that you picked up from the grocery store on you way home from work. Did you stop for a moment to consider that you might be ingesting you whole day of caloric intake in several bites of bliss? Accurate nutritional information can be hard to come by these days. is a web site that can bring the facts on nutrition straight to you and yours. This site can help you in your weight loss/health journey. The site is dedicated to being your source on the Internet for diet, nutrition, and health information. Through the site you can browse calorie and fat gram charts. Foods are sorted by grams of fat, protein content, and cholesterol content. And, the site takes all its information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If you have a special request, you can send an email and get an answer about your favorite food’s nutritional content.