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It is limited time offer that you can shop online. The Sheer Cover Kit allows you to take control of you complexion, and decide how you want the world to see you. If your skin is blotchy, ruddy, or blemished, you can brush away those imperfections and feel confident about the way you look. Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup goes beyond covering up flaws, it is actually a product that benefit your skin. It helps to defend your skin from the visible signs of premature aging, it contains 100% pure minerals from the earth, it feels lightweight and looks totally natural, contains no preservative, chemical dyes, fragrance, silicones, and talc. It also provides complete coverage in only one step by incorporating both foundation and finishing powder in one. This product helps protect skin from oxidative stress and future damage with age-defying Green Rooibos Tea. There are four different types of this product. You can choose between light, medium, tan, and dark.