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BuyersIndex.wsOnline since 1996, this veteran of directories is still standing and in good health. Buyer’s Index is a directory of eCommerce sites of the most diverse interest, and although quite outdated in terms of design, it is fully functional and extremely useful as well.

Unlike most of its contemporaries, it has added a very comprehensive and refined search engine to the categories, which can still be browsed at the user’s convenience. Interestingly, not only does this directory list the wholesale and retail eCommerce sites, but it also attaches a small description, date of web launch, where the site ships from and whether it is local or international orders they accept, plus it provides links to some of the most trusted sources of merchant reliability, namely BizRate and PublicEye whenever these consultants have available information on the site. Also very convenient about using this site as a research tool is the fact that it will present information on whether the site belongs to a merchant, or to an individual owner, and also on whether a print catalogue is offered by the site. If you are looking for information on getting listed in the Buyer’s Index, you’ll have to mail them directly, as the link providing such vital information is broken. – DIY Step Aerobics Choreographies

Turnstep.comTargeted both for professional teachers and people who want to train at home, is the way to go if you want to get hold of a huge variety of steps aerobic workout routines.

Granted that the site isn’t at all attractive in terms of design; still, the information is not only plenty, useful and free, but it’s unbelievably easy to understand. The site presents some new set of moves for specific exercises or whole classes several times a week, plus you can subscribe to RSS feeds to learn whenever a new one has been published, and also a glossary explaining what each move consists of with an animated gif where you can see the moves being done. One of my favorite things about is that users can also get varied routines for ‘Adaptative Aerobics’, which is the kind of exercise people with disabilities can practice. There’s even more, though, like the medical information on the benefits of step aerobics routines or the library of reviews of workout tapes in every style you can possibly think of: cycling, aquatic, personal trainers, yoga, pilates, etc. Also interesting are the bulletin boards, which you can join to discuss the more business-like aspect of aerobics and being an instructor.