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Butcher-packer.comButcher & Packer Supply Company is a purveyor of a wide range of food products and accessories. Its website highlights the most salient products available from a list that spans more than 6,000 different products.

As a result, the list of products is very encompassing, and it includes items that range from kitchen aprons and cooking supplies to maple meat blocks and knives & silverware. The site showcases the best-selling products available, as well as highlighting specials and featured items. On the other hand, it is possible to perform a search in order to find the desired products. An advanced search can be conducted as well, taking criteria such as price range and manufacturers into consideration. Information on shipping charges is concisely provided, and a catalog can be requested online by virtue of following the pertinent link. Moreover, recipes are an added bonus of the site, and they can be perused online. Butcher-packer.com