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Budbowl.comAt you can access the complete collection of Budweiser TV spots related to the football Super Bowl 2008.


This site was developed for you to enjoy TV commercials and then spread them so that everyone can see it. To participate of this task is simple: just soak up the spots, email them to your buds, forward them to your phone, download them to your iPod, and even upload them to your social networking site. After doing all that, come on back after the Big Game to watch an unaired “bonus” spot. A shorter way to access the secret spot is to play the “Order the spots” game and win. You’ll be given a secret code which you have to fill in the Secret Spot section. You will find the spots at the bottom of the homepage, and you can watch any of them online. There you can also check the winner of the day, and the Voter’s Choice section, where visitors vote their choice for the Bus Bowl 2008.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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