– Fitness At Your Desk

BreakPal.comDid you ever work far too long without getting the blood pumping? We all do it and it’s terrible for our health and productivity. Break Pal delivers micro-workouts to your desktop at preset intervals.

If you do the workout you get a point and your friends know if you’ve done your workout or not.

Coupled with a social network, Break Pal enables you to have workout buddies around the world that will hold you accountable. Nothing gets things done like a little accountability.

Workouts are fun. No boring stick figures doing stretches here. This site’s current offerings include yoga and kung fu, as well as aerobics, in addition to Chi Kung and more. There are many more coming soon such as Salsa and belly dancing.

It is very interesting to realize that companies worldwide have found that employees are far more productive if the exercise throughout the day. Users will do the exercises because they are fun; The Company is adding a huge variety and users can do what they are interested in, because it provides a virtual workout buddy. Workout buddies are the best motivation there is.