– Employment Assessment Resources

Brainbench.comThe Brainbench line of products is designed to help employers judge and assess the aptitudes of candidates. These include interview guides and personality tests, as well as tests that are illustrative of a candidate knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Consulting services are provided as well. Broadly speaking, the products offered by Brainbench are geared towards employers, or towards individuals. The products that cater for employers include a pre-hire test, and a tool for evaluating the development of employees. The pre-hire test assesses all the pertinent fields in a variety of jobs, including administrative and financial jobs, as well as telecommunications and healthcare-related activities. The system makes for the identification of best candidates in massive applications, and helps to conduct a search that couples job-specific skills with past work behavioral assessments and personal characteristics. A free trial version of this product can be requested online, by means of filling in a form. As for individuals, Brainbench provides a wide array of qualifications. The full list can be browsed online both by job role and by category.