– All About Border Collies

Bordercollie.orgThe objective of the United States Border Collie Club (USBCC) is to preserve the Border Collie as a working stock dog, and further the exclusive breeding of sound and healthy animals that are free of genetics defects. Likewise, it encourages owners of Border Collies to enter their dogs in canine sports events.

The website has been designed to promote such aims. Navigation is very straightforward, as the site includes a quick guide which lets you know everything about the USBBC (club history, activities, bylaws, biographies of the board members and so on), general information about Border Collies, Border Collies activities (such as herding), veterinary information, breeding information, a library listing recommended videos and literature, and a section where merchandise related to Border Collies can be purchased. In addition to that, users can resort to a convenient Border Collie board in which they can post questions and share information at will.