– A Search Engine For Facebook

Booshaka.comBooshaka is a social search engine that caters exclusively for Facebook. Its aim is to become the public platform for discovery and communication on the current mother of all social networking sites.

Will it succeed?

Well, I have to say that while using the site did not have me yawning as I browsed though the results it threw back at me, it wasn’t an adrenaline-filled experience either. As it stands right now, the website lets you do three different things: input a query yourself, see a list of the most popular topics and go through a list of the most entertaining content that is shared in real time.

Keying in your own search, visualizing the top topics, learning about the funniest stuff that is currently shared… these three things are the basic ones anybody would ask of the site. And it does its job more than adequately. Still, there is more to something as huge as Facebook than this. I bet most people can think of a couple of ways in which searches could be narrowed down and refined, and when this resource capitalizes on all of them then it will be getting close to its aim of being the de facto search tool for Facebook. One thing is for sure – it won’t be racing to the top alone. In Their Own Words

“See what people are sharing on Facebook right now.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It does its bit adequately, and when more refinement options are added it will do it even better.

Some Questions About

When is the site being overhauled?