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Boolify.orgThe advent of the internet increased the amount of information available to the general public exponentially. The people of Boolify, joined together because they realized that while the amount of available information had increased, the tools to find it were not being properly taught to children.


Boolify is a tool that enables students to be able to visualize the search process by using puzzle pieces to put their search together. Boolify uses the Google Safe Search engine so results are appropriate for children and it teaches children to use proper Boolean searches. While aimed at primary and middle-school children, Boolify is a great tool for anyone who is not familiar with the ins and outs of Boolean searching. In Their Own Words

“Librarians, teachers and parents have told us how hard it is for students to understand web searching. Boolify makes it easier to for students to understand their web search by illustrating the logic of their search, and by showing them how each change to their search instantly changes their results. It’s simple, immediate and is easy and flexible to use with your class, no matter the subject matter. Search results are presented through Google’s “Safe Search STRICT” technology, so we’re confident that the results your students receive are safe.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Boolify gives parents and teachers an incredible tool for teaching children to search properly. Boolean search is a bit complicated and requires a type of thinking that is not always intuitive to children. By turning Boolean searches into a puzzle, kids will have fun while at the same time learning how to perform proper Boolean searches and thereby be able to take full advantage of the internet.

Some Questions About

Have they considered building a version on the regular Google search engine as well? Not only children have problem with Boolean searches and if they opened up the engine a bit they may find that adults start using it as well.


Author : Caroline Bright

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