– Boehringer Ingelheim Group

Boehringer-ingelheim.comThe Boehringer Ingelheim is a group of companies embracing many cultures and societies. It’s a pharmaceutical company which focuses in the development of: human pharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and animal health products.

And its headquarters are located in Germany, although they have companies all over the world –the main regions are North America, Europe and Asia. At their website you will find everything you need: facts and specific information on the company, their aims and vision; a News Center, covering updated news, a conference calendar, press conferences, and information on the annual report, awards and media; information on the trials, though some is confidential; activities they are actually on, all over the world; the location of each of their offices and some more information on this; they also provide job opportunities and a career finder; more information on the research and development they are working on; and of course, they display their products and costumers.