– Bob Ribokas Digital Photos is the website of Bob Ribokas, an aspiring nature and wildlife photographer who lives in the United States.

He actually claims to live “with his head on the seacoast of Massachusetts and his heart in deserts of Arizona.” On the site you will be able to view his artistic pictures and enjoy of watching natural landscapes. If you are one of those persons who love paying particular attention to pictures and could be hours staring at them, this is a site you will definitely need to check out. On the home page of the site, after a brief introduction, you will be able to browse Bob’s images. The buttons for you to explore and navigate through the site are located on the left side of the home page. There are several categories for you to check out; you will be able to brose the categories by state. You will find most of the US States including Hawaii and some European countries including Sweden and the United Kingdom. Check out more pictures, information, and news at