– Experimental Music and Colors is my idea of zen garden site, those little sandboxes with pebbles that one is supposed to move around to generate a very peaceful and relaxing effect.

This site does not involve pebbles or rakes, but simple interactive animations some with sound and other without. For instance, the homepage of the site features a very peaceful-looking room with a vase where you can put flowers which you take out of a nearby garden, trim them, change their color, assemble them in an arrangement, etc. This experiment belongs to the ‘Stories’ area, where you have different sequences, like one in which by hovering your mouse over a peephole into a forest, you can see what it looks like at different times of the day, and listen to the birds singing, and the brush moving in the breeze. There are also a couple of fun stuff animations which work as harps, as in you move your mouse over an image of a flower or a string of colored balls, and it plays different notes. For graphic designers and artists, probably the most relevant bit of the site is the one to be found under the ‘Color Cube’ tag, where users will find an animation of a color prism cut at different diagonals, and is supposed to allow you to see families or color and shades not as isolated patches but as torrents of color. As is the case with the zen gardens, you can’t really do anything with the site other than sit back and enjoy it.