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Birdview.comAt, real estate professionals can find BIRDVIEW software solutions for optimizing their business.

BIRDVIEW Technologies develops a wide range of internet based software products and services for the real estate industry. On this website real estate businesses can purchase the various products that are developed and manufactured by BIRDVIEW in order to increase sales, and make their company function more smoothly. Featured are three different software solutions, OfficeSite which is designed to grow a company’s office brand, TeamSite which allows optimization of team distribution and lead management and helping teams convert internet traffic into transactions more efficiently, and AgentSite products which are designed to provide businesses with the type of internet presence that attracts today’s consumers. To guarantee customer satisfaction, demos of all the products featured on the site can be requested for trial purposes or be bought directly. BIRDVIEW offers customers support for all of their products and services via phone, fax or e-mail.