– Commentaries About The Bible

Bibleexplained.comThis site offers interactive commentary on the bible. Here you can find many different topics containing different Christian information.

When you select on one, the phrases will appear with their comments on the side. Topics commented on this site are the books of Moses, Other early books, Poetic books, prophets, gospels and acts, epistles, revelation and much more. You can look in the topic index or in the alphabetical index as well. You can use this site to look for a particular verse or phrase and read the comments of these to understand more or have a different comment on the meaning of these. You can use this site as well for personal study and understanding of the bible. You can enter your e-mail address in this site to receive weekly notes focused on a certain topic every week. You can receive Bible quotes as well. If you have any questions about the contents of this site, you can use the contact information published in this site to clear any doubts.