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Bianchi-intl.comIf you are the owner of a quality and expensive hand gun, you know you have to have something that is equally as fine to display it when you out on duty and looking mean. No matter the size of the gun, Bianchi-intl.

com probably has the equipment that you need to suit your desires. If you are an undercover agent, you will find some products which will allow you to be able to conceal your weapon. Or, if you are a uniformed duty officer, you will also be able to find that holster that can match your uniform so you can keep your supervisor happy. And, if you are in the military, you can be sure to find the right types of belts and accessories that will give you the peace of mind while you patrol the most dangerous and precarious environments. If you are not able to find your product at the local store, the site also has some links so that you can find the Bianchi products on line too. is the source for hand gun holsters and accessories.