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BestBuyCares.comThere are many sites on the internet where you will have the chance to participate on interesting surveys dealing with pretty much anything you can imagine.

The website can be accurately defined and described as an efficient online resource that is fully dedicated to conduct a survey about Best Buy customers.

The company has become the leader of consumer electronics retail stores at least since 2009, although its permanent growth would have taken it there sooner or later. In 2000 Best Buy launched, and a year later it expanded to the international market by acquiring Future Shop in Canada. Besides the land of maple leafs, today the company has stores in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Expansion to other European countries is predicted for the near future.

Best Buy manages a big list of exclusive brands, such as Insignia (Home Theater systems, GPS), Platinum Cases (high quality cases for Blackberry and Android phones), Geek Squad, Dynex, Rocket Fish (cables).

The main philosophy that rules Best Buy goes by the name of Costumer Centricity, which means that a company will try to cater to specific costumer needs and behaviours. It’s no wonder then that they want to know about your experience about the company, and that is what intends to do. A courtly welcome letter by Brian Dunn, Best Buy’s CEO, thanks visitors for choosing the company and explains the importance of getting feedback from customers. He also assures their voices will be heard.

Asking and giving is a fine way to relate one another, and apparently has this in mind by offering the chance to enter a drawing of a $5000 shopping spree, which seems a good way to say “thank you”. In Their Own Words

We strive to create the best possible experience for you.

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Every effort to understand your needs and listen to your suggestions from someone who asks to spend your money on his service is always welcome, and this is precisely the site’s goal.

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