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Beautyassist.comFor all you woman (and men, why not?) out there looking for beauty and make up tips, look no further, because this website is exactly what you need. Beautyassist.

com is a site entirely devoted to give beauty and cosmetic tips for almost every case. Here you can find hundreds of articles about topics like skin, cosmetics, hair, celebrities, aromatherapy, hair styles, acne, and plastic surgery, among many others. The website is divided into all this different categories, so finding what you are looking for is very simple. All the content of the website is free and anyone can leave comments on any of the articles. In order to get even more beauty tips, you can also access their Beauty blog, where you can find even more advices. Finally, in order to submit your own beauty tips or leave comments or suggestions, you can get here all the contact info of the team behind this site.