– Play Free & Win Cash is a new sports tournament website where cash prizes are given out.

The site has 15 professional sports games each week (currently only MLB) and each member goes through the site and predicts the winners. If you get the most amount right, you win up to a $1000 cash prize. If you refer someone and they win, you win an equal prize. The site never takes any payment from its users and all revenue comes from a very unique advertising model. charges advertisers per zip code they want to advertise in, so that they know only local players are seeing their advertisements. The site is just like every bracket you play with your friends and co-workers, only its 100% free. You can make up to $1000 bucks simply by picking winning teams. Don’t know sports? If you refer someone and they win, you win as well and for life. So if you recruit some decent players who win every once in a while, you keep making money as long as they do. You can refer your friends, forget about it for a while, and still be making money a few months down the road.