– All About Bearded Dragons

BeardedDragon.orgA bearded dragon is a kind of Australian lizard that stands as a very popular exotic pet. The species are particular popular among children owing to their friendly nature and ease of caring.

If you already own such a lizard or if you simply want to know more about such a best-loved pet you are well-advised to set your browser to, a site that is devoted to said species. The website includes a host of information and resources. By way of example, the site features a care sheet and an index of articles that can be browsed through online. Promotional materials can also be browsed through, whereas books that provide further information are recommended online. What’s more, multimedia contents like photographs that have been uploaded by owners of Bearded Dragons the world over can be flicked through. Other features include a chat room that enables owners to interact with individuals who share their same love for the species, as well as polls that let members of the community vote on topics such as “Where do you keep your bearded dragon?”