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BCA-Pool.ComBCA-Pool.Com is the website of the Billiard Congress of America.

It was established in 1984, with early involvement by players. The objective was to organize the players and promote the sport through qualifying tournaments at the local, regional, and national levels in Straight Pool and 3-Cushion billiards and recognize those champions. At the top of every page you will find some sections related to pool and the Billiard Congress of America. These sections are: about us, about the industry, membership, BCA expo, follow pool, play pool, learn pool, and buy pool. At the Membership area you will find some information about the different types of memberships and their benefits, the BCA member database and updates, its discussion forums, and industry trends. You can sign up for their Break Newsletter to receive the latest news directly to your email inbox. Learn where to play, its rules and specifications, and find information about the member league. BCA-Pool.Com