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Batteryuniversity.comAnyone who uses batteries of any sort, for any purpose may take advantage of this web page. This site provides the reader with useful information on best battery choices and ways to make them last longer among others things.


You can find three different sections on this site, were they present the reader with easy-to-read papers of up to 1000 words. Part one offers information on the mechanics of the battery, in part two you can find information on battery systems and how to make the best of them, and part three shows who sponsors this site, different products and other information. The book section links you to another web page were you will find further information on the subject and also a book, “Batteries in a Portable World” that can be read online as well as other articles. This site provides information for everyone, engineers, chemists, students, and anyone else that would like to get more informed on batteries, which has become a common item to use and carry with us more and more every day.


Author : Mery Fisher

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