– A Magazine For Bass Players

BassPlayer.comThough it is clear that learning or perfecting one’s musical ability is much linked to actually listening music, the same is true about reading related material, so if you favor acoustic or electric bass, will become an essential in your bookmarks section.

The site is actually the digital version of the print magazine of the same name, though reading it online will allow you take a peek at some web-only exclusives, and only highlights of the material of the magazine. One of the best things about Bass Player is that it carries extensive consumer reviews on instruments, amps and miscellanea music gear, plus an exclusive video channel where you’ll be able to take online lessons, watch interviews to musicians of different styles and genres, and in some cases listen to selected tracks of the materials they are working on. Since the magazine caters for bass players in all possible styles you can dream of, you can sort its contents out by kind of music you like, and thus get access to the content you are really interested in. If you enjoyed taking a look at this site, probably the best thing to do is to try their subscription packages. You can’t get subscripted to the site via RSS, which is a feature most information outlets do offer and I missed about this one.