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Bassarts.comAt you will find a great deal of art printings and drawings created specially by the author of this website.

The site was created back in 2003 by Forrest Bass, the author of all the works. He launched the website in order to raise money for treatment and research of the disease he carries, called “Generalized Essential Telangiectasia”. You can browse trough his entire collection of drawings and pieces of arts. His works are mainly cartoon/caricature like and they feature original characters and creations as well as famous characters and topics like: The Beatles, Betty Boop, Felix The Cat, Bugs Bunny, among others. You can order online a printed copy of any of his works. Prints are 13×19 and they cost 35 dollars each. Besides the printings you can also buy books with drawing collections, watch videos created by the author, and download games featuring his characters for free.