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BargainLand.comThis site is the official site of BargainLand, a company that receives products from all over the world (lost shipments, customer returns and other kind of products) and they sell them unlike other places, like an auction. The products they deal with can vary from airplanes to Britney Spears’ bra, clearly a wide range.


The homepage has a lovely design with a touch of youth given that they use caricatures. The layout is really very easy so you can browse the site easily without encountering any problems at all. The main menu lies horizontally on the center of the site and has three categories; you can learn about this site and what they do, ask for customer service where you’ll find yourself with many articles and the opportunity of submitting your own question and last but not least, the final option is to view the auctions and bid. Check it out at!


Author : Caroline Bright

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