– 40 Years Dealing In Quality Antiques

Bargainjohn.comThis is the online version of Bargain John’s Antiques Inc. It is a store that specializes in antiques from the 1840 to 1920 time period.

The site’s inventory includes Victorian Furniture, Turn of the century oak furniture, mission oak and arts, crafts items, dolls and toys, advertising, and much more. Bargain John’s has the objective of providing a large variety of antiques, and offer the customers the best quality antique merchandise. At the same time, the store aims to assist you in your purchase by giving you a high quality service. Bargain John’s Antiques is a family owned and operated business that has been working since 1968 in Lexington, Nebraska. In Celebration of the store’s 35 years of being in business, the owners have compiled a history page where you can see the whole history of the store. To consult the available products you can enter the category you want and watch all the product’s pictures within each section.