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Bardweb.netIf you love theatre and love to read, you might have heard about William Shakespeare. Bardweb.

net is an online Shakespeare resource center for you to find information about the great writer. In the home page you will find the “Will’s Quote of the day” and read a different one every day. Bellow you will see the “Ye olde contents”, where you will find a Shakespeare’s biography, a summary of his work, and a guide to William’s English, including a speech analysis. For the most fanatic, there is the Shakespeare’s last will and testament. If you want to discuss, be informed, or share your opinion, you can check out the “Authorship debate”, where you will find different theories regarding who wrote Shakespeare’s work. There is much more information, as well as an online store. You can buy books, a Shakespeare themed chess, and even your own William toy. Visit if you want to learn about this master of theatre.