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BallotBook.comAs pitiful as it is, we often are completely ignorant of who is running for office when local elections come around. We might not even be acquainted with the names on the ballot, let alone know about their plans for solving these local issues that beset us all.


Picking one out ends up being a very random process. And that shouldn’t be like that under any concept – after all, we are talking about an elected representative.

Someone realized that, and came up with this nice application. Simply put, Ballot Book will let you know the names of those who are running for office in the next local elections, and also what they plan to do in the event they are elected. That is certainly nice, and what is even nicer is that you are also provided with a feed in which you can read what other community members are saying about them.

As a result, the site gives you both the facts and the opinions regarding the candidates who are running for office. If that doesn’t let you make your mind up more easily, then I just don’t know what will. In Their Own Words

“See a list of who’s running for office in your area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you perform your civic duties in a much better-informed way.

Some Questions About

Why aren’t there more sites like this one available?


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