– Bottle Pop Candy Site

As far as fancy candies goes, the baby bottles pops created by Topps are hard to beat. The company (which gave us some of the most memorable candies of the early ’90s) has been producing these ever since 1998, and even to this day they are some of the better-designed candies you can find on stores. As you can see on the BabyBottlePop website, these candies are designed as baby bottles that come with a fruit-flavored powder inside of them. Strawberry, cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, green apple… all the obvious flavors are supported, along with a good couple of offbeat choices to keep even the most whimsical of children as happy as a clam.

And each bottle comes with a code message that your children can use to explore the online world found on This virtual world has been built to encourage children to use their imagination a lot, and start honing their social skills from as early an age as possible. Your children will get to create an avatar, and explore a virtual city where there’s lots of entertaining places to visit.

And your kids can actually play the game regardless of having a baby bottle pop code or not. Yet, they won’t be able to access all the places in the city without one.

This is the original commercial for Baby Bottle Pop, released in 1998:

And this is the 2006 commercial, featuring the Jonas Brothers when they were just turning into the all-conquering teen sensations they would become:

Of course, the site also comes with lots of corporate information. And links where you can learn more about the other candies created by Topps are provided at the bottom of the page. Just click on the one you like to be taken straight to its website, and learn about what promotions and offers are currently on.