– Witchcraft Store is an online store.

This business was founded in 1986 and has been growing ever since. The people who own Azuregreen define themselves as idealists. They believe life is about action, awareness, and relationship. The business was created to provide sources to people with similar ideals, from all over the world. is a major supplier for products related to Witchcraft, Magic, and Spiritual Growth. They have a stock of about 4,000 items which include: books, spell crafts, spell craft supplies, amulets, jewelry, gemstones, herbs, ritual supplies, incense, tarot decks, tarot cards, tarot kits, gift certificates, and more. Also, they have a New Items section which they constantly update, offering you innovative products. In order to buy the stuff online you must complete an order form. They’ll ship you your order anywhere. To receive a free 2008 catalog, you can contact them by email, by fax, or by telephone.