– Animation World Network is a news and information source for the international animation community, so whether you are an animator, film distributor, visual arts enthusiast or teacher, you are definitely going to find this site very interesting.

In you’ll be able to find highlights and selected material, plus archives of the most relevant and updated Animation publications, software and tech reviews, a web animation guide, a very thorough local and international events calendar, and what I found to be the most important area of the site, which is a specialized marketplace, where professional animators and people who work in the animation industry post their résumés or jobs openings, thus generating a very active job marketplace. does not concentrate on any specific kind of animation; rather, it covers toons, commercials, artistic and any other animation genre you might be interested in. Given the wide range of topics that are covered by this site, it could be a good idea to subscribe to the XML feeds of your favorite channel in order to receive only the news that you care to read about.