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AutoSlash.comAutoSlash is a new online resource that aims to let you rent a car in an inexpensive way. It attempts to make that come true by having discounts codes and coupons pre-applied to the results it yields when you carry a search.


The obvious consequence is that prices are already lower from the very beginning – you won’t have to calculate anything manually. Each and every coupon that is employed has metadata attached to it that will let you know exactly the range it is valid for, and how long you are required to rent the vehicle for the coupon to be valid.

The search tool that is provided on the main page of the site couldn’t be more concise. You are asked to specify where it is you are picking the car (you can submit an airport or a city), along with the time you need the vehicle to be there. The drop off date (and time) must also be set down. Additionally you can choose the actual car type by giving the advanced options a try. And when doing so, you are also given the chance to go for any specific company you are keen on. In Their Own Words

“AutoSlash is a website dedicated to saving people money on car rentals. Through our innovative use of coupons and discount codes as well as our unique price tracking technology, we can guarantee you the best possible rate on your car rental.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is quite good in theory, and it happens to yield good results in practice.

Some Questions About

How much can you save in average through such a system?


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