– OOBA Authentication Services

Authentify.netAuthentify is a company that specializes in what is termed “Out-of-band Authentication”. Basically, this is a service that enables organizations to carry out real-time user authentication by using the telephone as an automated authentication device.

The Authentify process captures undeniable user contact, proof of consent and an audit trail without resorting to any additional device whatsoever. The concepts that are at play in this process are described online for additional clarity. These include multifactor authentication, out-of-band authentication and voice authentication. The areas and industries where this process is employed more frequently include e-commerce and healthcare, and the site is subdivided into the respective categories. Moreover, a section under the heading of “Authentication Solutions by Application” is featured, and it deals with services and issues such as delegated enrolment, risk management and token issuance. Lastly, the Authentify website includes a “News & Events” section which includes the latest developments in the authentication industry as well as listing notable events.