– High-End Audio products

AudioAdvisor.comAudio Advisor offers top quality, name brand, high-end audio products. The site features Audio Advisor’s extensive list of products which can be bought online or through the mail by requesting the catalog that appears on the website.

Each of the products featured on the site have a complete description, photograph and price so customers know exactly what they’re buying. The site features clearance sales, gift ideas, new products and video reviews as well as the many categories of products that visitors can look through. Products sold on the site include amplifiers, home theaters, portable radios, DVD players, loudspeakers, headphones, turntables, plasma TVs, and much more. There’s also a frequently asked questions section, where buyers can get answers to payment, pricing and promotion questions, as well as shipping, returns and everything else pertaining to the purchase of the items featured. Visitors an also sign up for a free newsletter and even recommend the site to a friend.