– Buy Cheap and Help Charity

Auction4aCause.comBuying in online auctions is obviously one of the best ways to get hold of great deals at substantially smaller prices than what you’d get from a retailer. What if you could use these saving to make some good at the same time? Well, here’s a way to do that: Auction4aCause.

com is an online auction site, which donates to charity a percentage of all the sales. When you register as a buyer, you indicate which charity of the list provided by the site is the one you’d like to benefit, and each time you buy something online, you generate points, which get forwarded to the charity of your choice by the end of the quarter. The site is the sole seller in the auctions, and specializes in new consumer electronics, which sell for 10-20% of retail price; bidding in this site can be a bit complicated, but the site provides detailed instructions on how to enter the auctions: in order to start bidding in this site, users need to generate an account and select an auction; at that point they start bidding for a maximum amount set by the site, and each bid has a price, so if a bid is $1 and you bid four times, you’ll get charged $4. The auction is won by the person who bid the amount which gets closer to the top bid price set by the auction, only the offers who bid the same amount are cancelled. In short, buying at is more like playing a lottery where you get the chance to earn some cool stuff for little money.