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ATVChopperScooters.comATV Chopper Scooters is an online retailer of scooters and vehicles such as dirt bikes, go karts and ATVs. The site is subdivided accordingly, and the different products that make up the catalog can be accessed using a conveniently-placed navigation menu.

Although many kinds of vehicles can be procured online, there is a clear emphasis on scooters, as electric, gas and mobility contraptions can be browsed through and eventually purchased. Moreover, there is a category named “Accessories/Parts” where items such as bearings, air filters and gas caps can be found. The site also lists the newest additions to the exiting catalog on its main page, whereas the best-selling products are prominently highlighted. On the other hand, a search tool is featured and it enables the customer to look up specific items in an instant manner. The site clearly spells out the shipping policies that the company adheres to, and there is also detailed information on how to place an order online, and how to track the item once the order has been placed.