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Attricia.comThe search of health-related information has just become a lot easier. Attricia stands as an extension of Bing, with all the focus being kept on letting people arrive at better self-diagnoses in less time.


On Attricia, people are enabled to specify their exact symptoms (IE headache, food poisoning) and then be provided with advice for regaining their health. And users are provided with lists of symptoms and suspected diseases that they can add/exclude at will for giving their searches more context, and arriving at more precise diagnoses.

Moreover, users are provided with links to general information sites like Wikipedia. This will let them put what they have got in perspective, and avoid overreacting when they have received such news.

While some options like being able to save results and have them shared are missing, the site is more than useful as it stands right now. Though a site like this one could never replace a visit to the doctor, it is a great way to begin understanding anything that might be ailing you. In Their Own Words

Precise your symptom and get health advice.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a quick way to understand what might be wrong with you (or with any person you care about), and be prepared for what the doctor might tell you when you finally pay him a visit.

Some Questions About

Will a bookmarklet ever be provided?


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