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The regional airlines hire more pilots from ATP’s Airline Career Pilot Program than from any other flight school college, or academy program. This program offers a total immersion training for one day, 90 consecutive days of flying for proficiency, nation-wide cross-country experience, more than 135 hours multi-engine experience, experience with crew resource management techniques, and regional Jet Standards Certification for exposure to airline-level jet training. ATP provides professional, accelerated flight training at 20 flight schools nationwide. ATP’s Airline Training Programs prepare students for airline pilot careers with an emphasis on nationwide flying training courses that include ATP Written, FEX Written, and much more. Thousands of U.S. military and civilian pilots have gone to ATP for over 23 years by word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied professional pilots. Browse the website through its many categories such as Flight Training Programs, Flight Tracker, Aircraft, Facts, CFI Jobs, Employment, Financing, and much more. These are located at the top of the homepage. AtpFlightSchool.Com